About Kingdom Healthcare


Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission

    We strive to provide quality, pleasant and healthy personal care products to customers 

    so as to improve people's quality of life constantly.

  • Vision

    Be recognized as one of the leading Chinese personal care products companies.

Core Values

  • Respecting talent

    Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. We recruit qualified employees through open and fair competition. We value the development and the equal communication among employees, and provide each employee with a show platform, as well as the opportunity to learn. We develop their strengths, stimulate their potentials, and enable them to realize their aspirations and values.

  • Good faith in business

    Taking integrity as the basic operating principle, we are trustworthy to consumers, customers and employees, and provide customers with quality products and services sincerely, so as to win the trust and create a trusted brand.

  • Leading in change

    With a broad vision, we actively make breakthroughs in the research and development, production, marketing and management. We are constantly exploring and leading the market, so as to stimulate and meet the needs of consumers.

  • In pursuit of superexcellence

    We are not just satisfied with the current situation, we dare to challenge and seek increasing perfection, constantly make efforts to exceed the expectations of consumers, customers, employees and the society, and maximize our own advantages, capabilities and available resources.

  • Green environmental protection

    We always focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, respect life, advocate the moderate, pollution-free and low-consumption sustainable development concept in production, research and development, and management, meeting the green consumption demands of pursuing a better life without waste or pollution.

  • Mutual prosperity

    Employees, enterprises, customers and the society are linked together. The enterprises actively participate in peer competition which promotes the healthy development of the industry, and also make efforts with employees to improve the efficiency, create wealth and fulfill social responsibility, give back to customers and the society, thus grow and make progress together.