Five driving forces to make you better

Invest in Your Growth

(Build Your Identity Capital)

Kingdom Healthcare prioritizes growth over titles. We level up our employees through a combination of “job experience accumulation, diverse challenges, formal training, and self-learning”. Employees are assisted with coaching guidance to quickly accumulate work experience to better facilitate their ongoing development. We customize training methods to help employees build a complete knowledge system, promote knowledge application to improve their abilities, and establish a training fund to encourage employees to further their studies, enhance their skillsets and academic qualifications, etc. so they achieve self-actualization.

At the same time, we strive to build a talent development system by assigning well-prepared employees earlier with responsibilities, helping them swiftly become successors, and by providing an ample amount of job transfers and internal competition opportunities. These allow us to strengthen internal talent mobility and help employees find the most suitable path for themselves.

Affirm Your Value

(Promote Recognition)

Kingdom Healthcare strongly believes that every employee is capable and is willing to give sufficient room for trial and error. We are more than happy to encourage and celebrate the actions of our employees and praise their brave initiatives timely. The driven performance management system keeps our employees accountable as it lets them maintain a clear vision of their goals, understand their strengths and shortcomings, and grow rapidly within the company. We established dual-channel promotion paths and succession selection mechanisms to provide our employees with a range of suitable career development pathways. Simultaneously, we have layered reward opportunities and a platform for public commendation, which is used to give employees with outstanding performances the timely recognition they deserve. 

Take Care of Your Health

(Mind and Body)

We value both the physical and mental health of our employees. From free physical examinations to various health-conscious events, we stand at the forefront of health education and awareness. We encourage everyone to integrate their knowledge with action and reflect on their wellness orientation in every meal and their daily practice. From energy gas stations to multiple employee feedback channels, we accept our employees from the inside out and promote the integration of wellness orientation into the life of our employees while improving their quality of life.

Boost Your Efficiency



Kingdom Healthcare believes in the boundless potential of teamwork, and we respect every member of the team. Having nonhierarchical, open, and accepting communication feedback channels allow our employees to freely express themselves.
Imagine a group of colleagues who love supporting one other, and all are driven to achieve the common objectives of the team. A cross-departmental project team breaks down internal barriers, aligns internal missions and achieves the value of 1+1>2 through teamwork. 


Enrich Your Life

(Achieve Work-Life Balance)

In addition to work and leisure, we expect our employees to live their life. At Kingdom Healthcare, you are in control of your time. Our 5-day work schedule, flexible vacation policies and other humanized attendance systems mean that you have abundant opportunities to relax and perform self-care and have sufficient time to be there for your family. 

If you are multi-talented, we happen to have a stage for you to showcase your talents and an attentive audience that is here to validate;
If you care about your family, we happen to have family insurance to safeguard their future;
If you enjoy quality time with your family, we happen to have Family Day for you to enjoy.
If there's anything you haven't thought of, don’t worry, we got you covered...