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Kingdom Healthcare was awarded the "China Innovative Health Practice Award"

On November 29, 2018, the "2018 Mercer Health Management Forum and 2018-2019 China's Healthiest Workplace Awards Ceremony " was unveiled in Shanghai. At the forum, Kingdom Healthcare was awarded the "China Innovative Health Practice Award”.


Ms. Jessica Feng, director of Human Resources Department of Kingdom Healthcare, took the stage to accept the award

Topic of 2018 Mercer Health Management Forum: Awakening - Action - Outlook, Health energizes the organization. Ms. Jessica Feng, Director of Human Resources Department of Kingdom Healthcare, was invited to attend the roundtable forum and served as a share guest, in the field of health management. At the same time, she also showed the efforts of Kingdom Healthcare in the public health of consumers, Miao women's mental health, personal value improvement and so on.


Ms. Jessica Feng was invited as a sharing guest to attend the roundtable forum

Kingdom Healthcare has always advocated to create a "Big Health" cultural environment, and to build a corporate health culture system from the three aspects of basic health management, personal health promotion and health culture sublimation. In addition to health facilities and diet, Kingdom Healthcare also provides employees with health insurance, health examination and flexible purchase platform for family insurance. We regularly organize health activities such as ball games and yoga, and conduct health training lectures such as sports, diet, and insurance.


Kingdom Healthcare's health activities are uninterrupted. In 2018, we launched three large-scale national events.

Do what I like: it connects our colleagues all over the country, forms mysterious partners online, and moves towards the goal. At the same time, we can also travel around the country, and our employees are highly motivated to participate.


Health "early" start: through the online sharing platform, employees actively participate in DIY food sharing, learn nutrition collocation, and make healthy and delicious meals for their families.

National family day: invite employees' families to participate in it. In the atmosphere of family reunion, we design interesting games to let employees feel the warmth of family and add interest.

Health cause is one of the mission of Kingdom Healthcare. It is our responsibility and pursuit to create a diversified health environment and improve the health quality of employees and the public. On the way of health, let us keep going!