Corporate Responsibility


Kingdom Healthcare diligently peer study fund program

Kingdom Healthcare 15th anniversary sponsored the "Kingdom Healthcare diligently peer study fund program", inviting local dealers and partners to jointly participate in the project to raise more than 1 million yuan of funds for the project. The funds are used to help build three storey teaching buildings in Guizhou Lei Shan county [Qiao sang elementary school], and Yangshuo [cinnamon elementary school] map. The book room will help build up the future of the children's education in China's mountainous areas.

[Jo sang elementary school]

The representative of the people's Government of reshan County, the deputy chairman of the county Political Consultative Conference, and the director of the County Education Bureau, Mr.William Deng, the general manager of Guangdong Kingdom Healthcare sanitary supplies Co, Ltd., attended the signing ceremony of the building of the building of the teaching building.

[cinnamon primary school]

Deputy director of the Yangshuo Education Bureau, Secretary of the Party committee of the Yangshuo Education Bureau and representatives of our company attended the signing ceremony of the aid library.