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Care for the old and the same thing

At the dawn of Spring Festival, Kingdom Healthcare did not forget to bring warmth and touch to the old people in the old home of Danzao. In January 22nd, 2014, Kingdom Healthcare Mr. William Deng and his wife, Mr.B. Deng, andhis wife, as always, went to the home of Danzo and visited the elderly home together with five colleagues.

Carry a gift

The fathers and mother-in-law

In the cold morning, we arrived at Danzao old people's hospital with carefully prepared gifts and warm affection. Under the kindly guidance of elder sister Yan, the head of the old house, we went to the Kangle room to see the old people. The old people saw that we were able to draw time to see them. They also gave us a voice. They said, "you have taken our mind to us, and I'm glad you have come to see us." Words are few, but words reveal true feelings. In Kangle's room, Mr. A and B talked with the elderly and asked about their physical condition and living conditions. Later, our performance group also brought rich programs for the elderly.

At the beginning of the campaign, two colleagues from the marketing department, Li Jianwei and Chen Sige, performed a humorous and Cantonese Opera entitled "seeking God". "Qiu Xiang" is so charming that "the gifted scholar" finally failed to get the loss of the beautiful woman, making the audience laugh. Then, the two colleagues also brought a happy song "spring flower" for the old people, and let the old man feel the warmth of spring like this little cold early morning. I and my colleague from HR, Li Xiaofeng, also sent a familiar song - "there is no Communist, no new China", and the old people are all at once, and many old people hum gently.

At the end of the program, we sang "happy year" together, and the scene suddenly became an ocean of laughter and applause. HR's colleague Chen Miao, who took the photo, has also captured many happy moments for us. After a series of rich program performances, Mr. William Deng, Mrs. A Deng, Mr. B Deng, and Mrs. B Deng, and Mrs. B Deng sent the old people to the old house with good gifts and gifts, wishing the old people a happy life and a long and healthy life. On behalf of the old house, she also sent the hand - made money cats made by the old people to A and B Deng. Accompanied by five colleagues also received the elderly people personally made blessing mouse pad, cute and practical. When we are about to leave, we take photos with the old man, and have promised the love agreement to see you next year.

group photo

Finally, we visited the "happy farm" of the nursing home under the guidance of Yan Jie. In order to make the elderly eat delicious vegetables, the staff of the nursing home carefully cultivated different kinds of vegetables. This also let us once again feel the care of the elderly staff.

The Farm

This year, Kingdom Healthcare company visited the Danzao old people's Hospital for Twelfth years without any change. This charity has been highly recognized by the society. A Deng has also received interviews with local television media in the old school of worship, hoping to inherit the good wishes of us to love the elderly and realize the common prosperity.

Media interviews