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Heart to Yaan to pray for love -- Kingdom Healthcare donated materials for the disaster area

The news of the 7 magnitude earthquake in Ya'an, Sichuan in April 20th, 2013 affected the hearts of every employee in Kingdom Healthcare.

After the Ya'an earthquake in April 20th, JKingdom Healthcare started an emergency response team on the same day, with many related departments and charitable organizations, hoping to send badly needed materials to the disaster areas to cope with bad health conditions.

Kingdom Healthcare company donated to the Tencent Dacheng network rescue office

Kingdom Healthcar en moved quickly after the disaster, hoping to hand over the donated materials to the victims as soon as possible

In April 21st, the first batch of sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins and baby diapers donated by Kingdom Healthcare company were transferred to the affected areas through the nearest Tencent Dacheng network rescue office in the disaster area, with a total of more than 125 thousand tablets.

The disaster area also needed more materials. In the evening of April 21st, King Kingdom Healthcare donated nearly 100 thousand health germicidal towels through the voluntary organizations of the South China Sea District Government in Foshan, Guangdong province.

In April 21st, Kingdom Healthcare donated materials again to the disaster area again

Heart is Ya'an, love continues. In April 28th, Jing Xing company, at the invitation of Foshan radio, took part in the Ya'an disaster relief operation in Sichuan, and donated 2160 pieces of BB urine pants, 3840 BB skin clean cotton and 18 thousand wet towels.
 In addition, the staff of Kingdom Healthcare company in Chengdu also raise cash to buy sanitary supplies and garbage bags urgently needed by the disaster stricken area, and contribute to the disaster areas through the full media platform of Chengdu volunteers.
 Our heart is Ya'an. We pray for love. Let's extend our helping hand and build confidence for the compatriots in the disaster area.