Corporate Responsibility


ABC health and joy delivery - health for female white-collar workers

In 2014, the ABC brand held ABC "healthy and happy delivery" in the 7 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and sent thousands of women to ABC health personal care products.

Women in modern workplace face many pressures such as workplace and physiology, so they tend to neglect their love for themselves. The ABC health and happiness delivery campaign aims to call on each individual to pay more attention to the health of women, especially in the special days of the female physiological period, and to lead the workplace to care for women's health.

On the occasion of "38" women's day, ABC's health and joy were sent to 266 office buildings in 7 major cities of the country for gift giving activities. Through the new forms of "28 happy bears flash" and "Meng bear gifts", tens of thousands of women are more concerned about their health. In the event, 28 happy bears appeared in the collective hot dance of the Guangzhou Sinopec Plaza. Secondly, through the link of "sprout the bear", 28 lovely ABC happy bears go to 266 office buildings in the 7 big cities, the zero distance with the white-collar and the ABC package of gift, so that the majority of the women to obtain substantial care.

In addition, ABC health and happiness delivery activities are more in-depth promotion of the awareness of the participation of the caring female white-collar health, a successful agreement with a number of enterprises, a commitment to provide a standby package for the female employees' normal physiological period ABC.

The event attracted nearly 70000 white-collar workers and ABC happy bear, and sent ABC love packages to white collar women. ABC brand is committed to providing high-quality personal care products for women, and conveys love for thousands of women.