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The first lesson of girls: Rose class

 In March 27th, 2014, by the Organizing Committee of the series of activities of the National Heart Series, the first big class of "girl's first lesson, rose class", Co sponsored by Kingdom Healthcare Free and the personal care brand for young people, was officially opened in the Yi Lun Tang of Beijing.

"The girl of the heart" - "the first lesson of the girl", "the first lesson of the girl", has been carried out in the country in 2009, with the core concept of "mother love needs to be studied". It aims to make adolescent girls learn puberty health knowledge, let girls learn to protect themselves, cultivate their correct outlook on life, morality, and aesthetics; and let parents at the same time Realize that "mother (father) love needs to learn", learning scientific family education ideas and methods, help children through puberty, promote the healthy and happy growth of children.

The picture shows that Zhao Donghua, vice chairman of the National Women's Federation, Secretary of the Secretariat, director of the Organizing Committee of the national series of family activities, and Mr. William Deng, the general manager of Kingdom Healthcare, a caring cooperative enterprise, have a happy exchange of the problems of the healthy growth of adolescent girls.

The star volunteer representative and famous actor Yung Hung said, "people from all walks of life have a responsibility to care for adolescent girls who love flowers. As a public figure and a girl's mother, they can participate in activities and are not so happy for the adolescent girls' family education activities."

As a caring company for this event, the general manager of Mr. William Deng said that the Free brand under the banner of Kingdom Healthcare company is a personal care product brand specially designed for young people. Free Fei has been working hard to improve the quality of life and protect the growth of girls.

The "heart system girl" project, through the physical and psychological health of adolescent girls, makes girls have a healthy, confident and beautiful beginning of life, which coincides with the mission of Kingdom Healthcare.

The picture shows: the leaders and the co sponsor leaders and guests jointly presented a "care package" to the girls and families coming to the scene. It contains a letter from the vice president of Zhao Donghua to the adolescent girl's family, "the need to learn mother love", a beautiful diary, and the sanitary supplies designed by the Free fly brand especially for adolescent girls. And a carefully prepared mother and daughter compulsory course reader for adolescent girls and families.

"Girl children" - "girl first lesson, rose class" since 2009 in the country, the activities have entered the country's 21 key provinces and cities, the cumulative amount of free dissemination of 7 million 500 thousand information to adolescent girls' families, more than 5 mobile classroom, 410 thousand gift of care packages, and the establishment of a practical education base 234. About 12 million 500 thousand families are directly affected by their families.

Free brand expects to support the girls' physical and mental health through helping and participating in this activity, helping more girls to accept themselves and flying their youth dreams. We call on the whole society to pay more attention to the healthy growth of adolescent girls, so as to benefit more adolescent girls and families.