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A visit to the old man in the old house of love

In January 22nd, 2015, Mr. William Deng and his wife, Mr. B. Deng and his wife, led a group of colleagues to the Danzao old people's Hospital, which is a "love agreement" we don't forget every year.Under the kindly guidance of elder sister Yan, the head of the old house, we saw the male and female parents in the old house of Danzao, and saw that we were able to take time to visit them and feel very happy. Here, Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng talked with their parents in law, asking them about their physical condition and living conditions.

We sang together with the male mothers and mother-in-law, and we had a wonderful show for the fathers and mother-in-law. We had a crosstalk show (I, you and my husband), play with the male mother-in-law and play the glass beads game, and put on the new year's new year's window stickers for the male mother-in-law's house. At this sunny moment, we had a happy afternoon together with our parents in law.

After the performance of the wonderful show, the A and the couple and the B and the husband and wife sent a gift and gift to the male and female parents in the old home, wishing their mothers and mother-in-law to live a happy, healthy and long life. On behalf of the house of reverence, Mr. Yan also sent to Mr.William Deng of A and Mr.B Deng to bring up the vegetables carefully to the staff of the elderly home.This event brought a burst of laughter and laughter for the male and female parents in the elderly hospital of Danzao, bringing the warmth of the family to the parents in law.

This year, Kingdom Healthcare company visited the Danzao old people's Hospital for thirteenth years without any change. This charity has been highly recognized by the society. Love the old, the beginning of good and good. Caring for the elderly, respecting the old and respecting the old is the embodiment of the civilization of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. It is also the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. We hope that all of us will spread the love of the people in our country to every corner of the society and contribute to the social civilization and the harmonious development.