Corporate Responsibility


Care for the old and the same thing

January 14th, 2016, the world of drizzle, but this does not prevent us from the pace of people, Mr.William Deng and Mr. B Deng, as always in the Spring Festival, go to the elderly home to visit the elderly home, there are three colleagues.

This afternoon, with carefully prepared gifts and warm feelings, we arrived at the home of Danzo. The old people were very happy to see us and express their thanks in simple words. On the way to the Kangle room,  Mr.William Deng and Mr.B Deng were careful to help the inconvenient old people, and talked to them kindly, and asked about their physical condition and life.

This year we are just in time to celebrate the birthday of the old people's birthday for the winter birthday. The old house prepared a three - story birthday cake. The birthday stars all wore a birthday hat and a happy smile on their faces. The programs you prepared were wonderful, and the old people enjoyed it very much.

Finally, in the laughter and laughter of everyone, Mr.William Deng, A Deng Taitai, A Deng parents,Mr.B Deng, and B Deng Taitai give the old people a good gift and gift, wishing the old people a happy life and a healthy and long life. The elderly also sent exquisite handmade gifts made by themselves, with little gifts full of old people's blessings. When we are about to leave, we take photos with the old man, and have promised the love agreement to see you next year.

This year is the fourteenth years of Kingdom Healthcare company to visit the activities of the old home of Danzo.