Corporate Responsibility


Not forget the heart of the first for fifteen years, and to practice of public welfare to send care

Kingdom Healthcare has always been enthusiastic about the public welfare and upholds the core values of caring for others, growing together with the society and progressing hand in hand.

Never changed for 15 years

Every year in Chinese New Year, no matter how busy, the two founders, Mr. William Deng and Mr. B Deng, will visit the elderly in the nursing home and send them blessing and greetings.

On December 27th, 2016, led by the two founders Kingdom Healthcare. has been committed to the development of public welfare for a long time.We worked with our employees to fulfill our social responsibilities, give back to society and achieve common progress.Basically,the public welfare is not a lot of individuals to do a lot, but a lot of people pay a little of their strength, thus the public welfare is more exciting because of everyone's participation.and several small partners were very fortunate to participate in this charity event and deeply felt the warmth and sweet of the scene.

Make dumplings together and wish everyone a Happy New Year

Happy catch the ball and wish everyone good health

Distribute gifts and wish everyone good luck

Old people give a warm gift as a reward

Great group photo, A~B~C!

We hope that all parents-in-law can take good care of themselves and we will come back to see you next year.

The public welfare needs perseverance. We hope our persistence can send some warmth to the old people in the winter. We wish the elderly health and longevity.