Corporate Responsibility


Donating blood without paying, devotion to love

Kingdom Healthcare Industrial has been committed to the development of public welfare for a long time.We worked with our employees to fulfill our social responsibilities, give back to society and achieve common progress.Basically,the public welfare is not a lot of individuals to do a lot, but a lot of people pay a little of their strength, thus the public welfare is more exciting because of everyone's participation.

On January 10th, 2017,Kingdom Healthcare and his colleagues actively participated in public welfare activities,actively participate in public welfare activities that donate blood.Among them are many employees who have participated in blood donation for many times.

They did not hesitate to give up their love, and bravely extended their arms to contribute to the community.Look! Their faces are filled with the glory and pride of blood donation.

The total amount of blood donated on the day reached 7900 ml.The staff who collect blood donation will bring the love and hope of Kingdom Healthcare people, then constantly passed on to people who is in need.It is better to contribute than to accept.We believe that Kingdom Healthcare adherence to the corporate mission can influence more people.We also wish that everyone can comfort their hearts and open a healthy and happy life by helping others and being kind to others.