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Miao Embroidery, the happiness on fingertip from inner heart

In September 2018, Mr. William Deng, the president of Kingdom Healthcare, together with the officials from United Nation Development Program (UNDP), came to Kaili, Guizhou to understand the implementation of “Happiness on Fingertip” program (hereinafter referred to as “this Program”) and activity promotion. Co-sponsored by Kingdom Healthcare, Song Ching Ling Foundation, UNDP and Guizhou Kaili Cultural Industry Office, the activity is aimed at assisting minority women in improving their livelihood and social and economic status, promoting the empowerment of minority women and reducing the poverty of minority area, besides inheriting their special traditional cultural heritage.

Through the painstaking efforts of more than 3 years, remarkable achievements have been made for this Program which also promotes the heritage and development of Miao Nationality culture.

Under the support and guidance of this Program, Yanzhai Village actively explores strategies on the heritage and development of local culture. The local women established culture learning and imparting studio voluntarily and organize the old in their village to impart Miao embroidery, Miao martial arts and Lusheng dance to children, which promotes the heritage and development of Miao Nationality culture dramatically.

Maomaohe Village, as one of the villages implementing this Program the earliest, has improved its capacity of cultural tourism reception greatly after program training and becomes the key Miao Nationality village developed in the county, which finally contributes to its further economic improvement. 

This Program is advanced steadily. Kingdom Healthcare will make contributions as it always did to spread the wisdom and understandings of Miao Nationality people on lives and the relationship of the universe through Miao embroidery.