Corporate Responsibility


Boosting Poverty Alleviation through Partner Assistance

By complying with the spirit of the policies of Nanhai District Committee and Nanhai Government on the poverty alleviation of Ganluo County through partner assistance actively, Kingdom Healthcare went to Ganluo County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan, together with Guicheng Sub-district, Nanhai District, Foshan, Shishan Party and Political Representative Team, Guicheng Chamber of Commerce of Nanhai District and Guicheng Care Association as the representative of poverty alleviation enterprises on August 27-28, 2018 to coordinate poverty alleviation investigation and develop the partnership work of "100 enterprises assisting 100 villages".

In the "mutual-assistanceceremony for 100 enterprises and 100 villages"and donation and poverty alleviation seminar of Ganluo County, Shishan Town, Guicheng Sub-district, Nanhai District, Kingdom Healthcare signed the enterprise-village partnership agreement with Ashamo Village, Jimi Town, Ganluo County to donate RMB 30,000 village development fund for the village.

After the seminar, Kingdom Healthcare's representative paid a visit to the teaching facilities and the health center in Jimi Town together with the leaders from Guicheng Sub-district. They also visited and exchangedideas with the partner village to better know the current local poverty alleviation.

The village and enterprise-combined platform fully exerts theenterprises' advantageous resources to boost the poverty alleviation coordination of the two parties actively and assist the assistedvillages shaking off poverty and becoming prosperous earlier, besides bringing care for the local poor citizens.

Poor traffic, citizens' backward awareness and insufficient education resources are the main factors that restrain poverty alleviation. There is a long way to go for targeted poverty alleviation. As the chief executive officer enterprise of Guicheng Care Association of Guicheng Chamber of Commerce of Nanhai District, Kingdom Healthcare practices the core value of "shared prosperity" actively and contributes to the donation of Dalaomu Primary School, Ji’naiyige Village, Azijue Town. It participates in the workwith RMB 250,000 donated by the caring enterprises from Guicheng Chamber of Commerce. The fund will be used for the establishment and repairing of village teaching schools and kindergartens and improvement of teaching facilities, reflecting the care and responsibilities of enterprises.

In future, Kingdom Healthcare willstill support the partner assistance projects actively and perform social responsibilities of enterprises to grow together with the society.