Corporate Responsibility


Send warmth in the cold winter, send love to warm nursing homes

In January 2018, Foshan city Guangdong province, in the south of the country, ushered in the "freezer" type of cold, rainy, cold and bleak, branches hanging frost, even so, it can not stop the care and enthusiasm of Kingdom Healthcare for 16 consecutive years. 
On the 31st, under the leadership of Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng, a group people of Kingdom Healthcare again stepped into the Danzao nursing home by carring some materials which their elderly loved. When the elderly saw Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng, they all applauded and welcomed them as if they were “Friends”.
After the warm greetings of Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng, many of us have joined the elderly's game team and have fun with them! 
Look,Mr. William Deng, resourceful person, in order to enable the old people pick up muddy, he provide advice and basic skills by stood next to the old people.The old people used skills fully, in the end, they can really picking up the mud.

Look here, Mr. B. Deng, a warm man, accompanied by the elderly to play the game of "ingenuity", sometimes help, sometimes teaching, careful and caring for the elderly.

The elderly have a lot of fun. They also receive a small gift for completing the game. You see, how happy are the elders who receive gifts!

After the game ended,Mr. William Deng and Mr. B. Deng sent the new year's red envelopes and blessings to the elders.The elderly representatives also sent back the small flesh they planted,which implies that the blessing results of Kingdom Healthcare  will continue.

Kingdom Healthcare has always been enthusiastic about charity, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and growing together with the community.We have always believed that only by caring for others and caring for society can we achieve the ultimate common prosperity.