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ABC health is priceless -- health promise to buy products, big events stir up Guangzhou

There is no free lunch in the world, maybe not! As long as you make a health promise, you will get a hundred dollars worth of health product package!

In March 9th, ABC launched the "a healthy commitment to buy products" large health public activity "ABC health priceless - commitment to love new life", the national seven city tour opened the first stop, landing in Guangzhou Zhonghua Square North Gate Square. "Add a green plant at your desk", "make a different breakfast for 5 days for yourself", "take the whole family to climb Baiyun Mountain on the weekend", and let you make your healthy lifestyle and make a commitment to buy ABC as a currency!

Xiao Li from Baiyun District chose the promise of "taking the whole family to climb Baiyun Mountain on the weekend". After micro-blog invited friends to witness supervision and cashed the promise, he successfully got a hundred yuan ABC package. "I live in Baiyun District, and this promise should be realized," Xiao Li said. Most of the promises of healthy life set up in this activity do not require money, such as walking and making breakfast for themselves. In random interviews, many participants said they had planned to make life healthier, but few could persist.

The scene is very sensational, participating in activities and the number of people to reach tens of thousands of people, close to 3500 consumers involved in the live mobile micro-blog interaction and successful exchange of ABC health product package, but also micro-blog friends to supervise the cashing of commitment, together to promote a healthy lifestyle! ABC brand director introduced, the modern society life rhythm is more and more fast, the work pressure is increasing constantly, cause the movement time to decrease sharply, the sub-health state is becoming more and more common, the female because of the pressure of the workplace and family at the same time is more so, 20 different commitments are to build healthy life style from all aspects. In view of the serious neck and lumbar strain of white-collar sitting, the brand invited dancers to arrange a simple "healthy curve dance". The dance is torn through neck, waist and limbs, while relaxing the limbs, it can also help to raise the hip and shape the healthy body curve of women. It is very suitable for the office. Practice at home.

ABC launched a large health public event that began in 3-5 months in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, and attracted more people to think about health in the new form of "ABC health curve dance" and "a healthy commitment to buy products". From the enthusiastic participants at the scene, ABC's initiative really fits the expectations of urban women returning to health. ABC brand leader also said: "to achieve a healthy lifestyle, insist on using high quality products can provide daily health care level. This activity hopes that OL can take the first step in healthy life.