Corporate Responsibility


Long-term Public Welfare, Danzao Nursing Home

The weather was changeable while the friendship remained unchanged. In January 2019, the weather turned warm, and Kingdom Healthcare carried out the 17th year of elder caring activity in Danzao Nursing Home.

On January 22, under the leadership of General Manager Mr. William Deng and Deputy General Manager Mr. B Deng, Kingdom Healthcare, with care and materials the elders would love to see, met its "Friends” again!

After arriving the nursing home and making a simple exchange with the "Friends", Mr. William Deng and Mr. B Deng joined the garden tour and had a good time together!

The New Year is coming, so it is a must to make New Year wishes and give blessing. Mr. William Deng and Mr. B Deng personally offered the New Year red envelopes and blessings to the elders, and the elderly delegates offer the hand-cut paintings made by the themselves as return, meaning the prosperity of Kingdom. The scene is happy and harmonious.

Kingdom Healthcare has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility and growing together with the society. We always believe that, as a part of society, enterprises should actively pay attention to socially disadvantaged groups, insist on what they can do, and achieve mutual prosperity!