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ABC Announced Actress ZHAO Liying to be its New Brand Endorser

In the She-era, the health concepts of women have been increasingly developed to cover physical care,inner cultivation and growth.  Providing women with health-focused care products, ABC has always been committed to refreshing women physically and mentally!  

On October 15, 2021, ABC announced its new brand endorser ZHAO Liying and called for women to stay refreshed and healthy!

She is elegant and gentle,yet strong. Despite all her achievements, she stays true to her original aspiration! 

ZHAO Liying has always been a sunshine, bringing people health and warmth, which is highly consistent to ABC’s commitment to providing women with “healthy, quality and thoughtful” care and brand idea of Be Healthy and Beautiful.

ABC launched the TV commercial featuring ZHAO Liying with the theme of Refreshing Health and Beauty.

Refreshing Health and Beauty is a result of inner cultivation and growth.


Has the new ABC TV commercial featuring ZHAO Liying taken your breath away? We look forward to your sharing more beautiful moments of Refreshing Health and Beauty!