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Free Joins Hands with New Brand Spokesperson Wendy Zhang·The beautiful exploration of free life starts

Life is changeable and has its own definition. Free to go, and let everything be free to the end! On September 12, Free joined hands with new brand spokesperson Wendy Zhang to start a beautiful exploration of free life!

She, a new generation strength actor, constantly breaks through in the grind and moves forward, and hands over a satisfactory "report card".

She has not only brave and true youth spirit, but also naughty and cute girl feelings. She is the "national sister" deeply favored by everyone!

She follows her own mood naturally and interprets her love for life with a free attitude.

She has accumulated a lot and dares to show herself and shines her light on the way of pursuing her dreams!

She is gentle, confident and sweet when she smiles; when she pursues her dream of acting, she acts from her heart and takes firm steps; she is brave and does not set limits on herself in her daily life. We love every aspect of her!

Welcome Wendy Zhang to join Free big family as the new brand spokesperson, and take a wonderful journey together with Free! Free spokesman Wendy Zhang interprets the free declaration of the Z generation girls: follow your heart and show freely. Encounter and embrace the best of yourself in an undefined style! 

In the future, together with Wendy Zhang, the spokesman of Free, pursue your interests with free attitude and constantly release more wonderful yourself. Are you ready?