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1998-2018, Kingdom Healthcare shines for 20 years

Kingdom Healthcare was founded in 1998, and has since been striving towards creating high quality, beautiful, and health-conscious feminine hygiene products for consumers and customers. On June 23rd, Kingdom Healthcare celebrated its 20th birthday at Intercontinental Hotel, Foshan.

Kingdom Healthcare's 20th anniversary look

Employees from the Kingdom Healthcare and their business partners all dressed up for the special occasion.  To celebrate this wonderful time, Mr. William Deng, Kingdom Healthcare's General Manager gave all the attendees a warm welcome, nostalgically reviewed all the hardships and achievements the crew has embraced the last twenty years, and painted a picture of the future in terms of our vision and mission with clarity and passion. He encouraged all employees and business partners to work together, and create a brighter future. 

Kingdom Healthcare executives raise a glass

At the celebration, employees from Kingdom Healthcare partook in a great variety of acts with passionate, optimistic and creative spirits. There were the exciting traditional Lion Dance, other lively dance acts, performances delivered by Miao people and some real singing talents. The rich programming brought the party to life and people enjoyed themselves to the max.

Kingdom Healthcare20th anniversary celebrations

For 20 years, Kingdom Healthcare has abided by the core value of collective growth, so that the corporation, its employees, customers and the society would present a united front. The company actively participating in volunteering opportunities, and collaborates with its employees to promote growth and further development. Case in point, Mr. William Deng, the General Manager of Kingdom Healthcare, financed the project to develop student clubs at Foshan University.

Mr. William Deng sponsored the cause of education

In the evening of the 23rd, Kingdom Healthcare's celebration of its 20th birthday came to a perfect close, but it does not signify the end for the corporation. Contrarily, Kingdom Healthcare is now at the prime. In the future, everyone at Kingdom Healthcare will continue to serve with enthusiasm, diligence and dedication, creating high points one after another.