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Big brands, mysterious products that maintain beautiful makeup

——ABC Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Wipes make you easy to makeup and remove makeup anytime, anywhere

As the saying goes, beauty is in a girl's nature, but removing makeup is a big problem. However, once it comes to makeup, we've hit a snag. There are many reasons for inadequate makeup removal, such as exhaustion from overtime, busy lifestyle, work overload, poor memory, etc. Summing up, laziness and difficult makeup removers are the two main culprits. After thorough and extensive research and analysis, we uncovered four major types of makeup removing products on the market:

Cleansing oil: It is highly effective at cleansing, but the level of moisturization, mildness and sense of use are not up to standards, and may be found to irritate the skin.

Cleansing cream: It's mild, but it also dehydrates the skin. As well, it may cause some discomfort in the summer.

Cleansing water: It moisturizes the skin and is suitable for removing light makeup. However, when it comes to eye and lip makeup, miscellaneous water is not the way to go. 

Cleansing wipes: It is a decent, easy cleanser for emergencies and on the go, but is lacking in moisture and mildness. 

Would it not benefit a great deal of women if there was a makeup remover that combined all the pros of the above all categories but purged of all the cons?

Since the release of ABC Clean Eye and Lip Makeup Wipes, many women have benefited.


Eyes, lips, and other places are the most vulnerable parts of the face because of thin skin and lack of sebum protection. It should not be news that excessive rubbing can cause fine lines and discomfort. Therefore, eyes and lips not only need a good makeup remover, but also a mild one.

Clear Eye and Lip Make-up Wipes can solve the aforementioned problems completely.

Let's take a look at the magic of ABC Clear Eye and Lip Makeup Remover!


Gently remove makeup quickly

We are often overwhelmed by work and life. It's hard to get back home.
But it takes time and energy to remove makeup layer by layer. It's too annoying!
Meanwhile, the ABC Cleansing Eye and Lip Makeup Remover wipes, which are specially designed for eye and lip makeup remover features.
It can quickly dissolve waterproof, oily, water-based and other types of make-up.

Let's conquer those stubborn eye and lip makeup and clean it with just one light brush.

This saves time and effort, so there is no need to fret about removing makeup or to worry about becoming pandas!


Makeup remover and care are integrated in this one product, dissolving all trouble from our skin.

Eyes and lips are beautiful, but vulnerable.

Heavy makeup adds to one's appearance, but after a whole day of full face makeup, one must suffer the consequences.
With ABC Clear Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Wipes, you can effectively avoid the taut feeling otherwise normally caused by makeup removal.

The product contains sodium hyaluronate moisturizing ingredients, which are both mild and moisturizing, preventing a heavy feeling on the skin.