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ABC’s BB won the Mamas 2016 "editorial review Award"

In December 16th, 2016, the "China mother child brand word of mouth awards ceremony", hosted by the mother website of professional mom, ended successfully. ABC's BB honeysuckle skin cleaning cotton has won the award of "editor's evaluation Award"by virtue of its own product strength.

As one of the most notable list of mother and infant mother and infant world, mama's "annual mother to child brand name list" is dedicated to providing authentic authority to many mothers. All the awards have been selected by hot search ranking, brand reputation, editorial evaluation, red person evaluation, and netizens voting points. After this level of selection, ABC's BB honeysuckle skin cleaning cotton has won the list with user support and trust.

18 years of brand precipitation, professional achievements trust endorsement
ABC's BB The baby product condenses Kingdom Healthcare group's 18 years brand professional R & D and technical experience, and is committed to providing high quality health care products for the baby. Since its introduction of the first baby wipes in 2003, it has been praised by its mother for its moist, non greasy formula and its unique selling point, such as towels. After years of market testing, we won the trust of our mother with excellent quality, and laid a professional and healthy image in the baby care products market.
As thick as a towel, innovative skin cleansing experience
ABC's BB Wet towel selection of quality natural material as raw material, with more than ordinary wet towel after 1.5 times the strong feel, and Pearl jacquard unwoven concave and convex jacquard texture design, more conducive to cleaning dirt. In order to solve the problem of baby's daily cleaning, we have created a more soft and comfortable skin cleaning experience. After having experienced the product, Bao Ma gave a high praise of the "clean power, which is absolutely rigid and can not be stopped at all".
Extract the essence and create natural super good care
Honeysuckle has the wonderful energy of antipyretic antiseptic, ABC's BB extract pure natural organic honeysuckle essence, make it with the wet towel perfect combination, Yishion natural skin care ingredients to nourish the baby delicate skin, create a moisturizing and not greasy super good care experience. This is the biggest highlight of ABC's BB honeysuckle cleansing cotton. It is also an important reason why ABC's BB wipes are widely praised by mothers and become good helpers of mothers.

In the future, ABC's BB will continue to uphold the professional and healthy brand concept and base itself on the market. With many parents and mothers, we will continue to walk on the way to care for the baby.