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The first Foshan Enterprise Kingdom Healthcare is invited to attend UN activity

Kingdom Healthcare , as a leading enterprise of nursing materials in China with "care for women health" as social responsibility, in addition to actively participating in the peer competition, promoting the healthy development of the industry, has been committed to the development of public welfare undertakings, devoted to development of public welfare undertakings,and undertaking its own enterprise mission.

On the evening of December 5 in New York, "United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 50th Anniversary and Charity Dinner"sponsored by UNDP, is held in New York. This time, participants include Baidu CEO Robin Lee, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, famous actress Michelle Yeoh, etc, Mr.William Deng, chairman of Kingdom Healthcare Holdings Limited, Guangdong (hereinafter referred to as "Kingdom Healthcare") was also invited to attend. It is said that Mr.William Deng is a first entrepreneur invited by UN, who brought Foshan elements into the United Nations for the first time.


Kingdom Healthcare, not known for the low profile, but its enterprise strength can’t be underestimated, since its establishment, upholds the mission to enhance the quality of people's life, meets people's living requirement with high-quality, beautiful and healthy care products, has ABC, Free, EC, ABC,BB, and many other brands, whose marketing network spreads more than 30 provinces, municipalities throughout the country. Although the threshold to cooperate with the UNDP is always high, Kingdom Healthcare is still selected due to power and ongoing public spirit. As an outstanding enterprise focusing on women's health, it always hopes to bring women more skills and knowledge through effective public welfare project, and Happiness on Your Fingertips is a very good opportunity.

Group photo between Mr.Willian Deng
 (Michael O’neil, Assistant Commissioner and Director of Foreign Relations and Propaganda Bureau )

Mr.William Deng took a photo with Sumathi Jayaraman
Sumathi Jayaraman
Strategy and Innovation Bureau of External Relations and Adocacy
It is understood that Happiness on Fingertips, is intended to inherit embroidery art and commercial marketing knowledge training with ethnic characteristics to minority women,  innovatively join the women's health education, improve women's social status, and build a model of sustainable development and poverty alleviation. And the public welfare also expresses the landing of three targets of 17 development goals of the United Nations in 2030, build good health and welfare, eliminate poverty, and achieve gender equality for all people of all ages, and empower women.
It is said that 17 development goals of United Nations in 2030, aims to eliminate poverty, protect the earth, ensuring all people to share prosperity. As UNDP partners, Kingdom Healthcare has been cooperating with 17 development goals in all kinds of public welfare ways,  such as, organize staff to visit nursing homes and donate supplies; Join hands with national women's federation to launch "girl's first class· rose classroom"; Attend basketball star charity and donate, etc.
For the first time, local entrepreneurs of Foshan, are invited to participate in the UNDP charity dinner, is individual honor and even the whole Foshan, in the future, Kingdom Healthcare will continue devoting to cooperation with internationally recognized institution to develop public welfare undertakings, and make contributions to global sustainable development. Mr.William Deng says at the charity party, at the same time, he also calls for more enterprises, caring people to join the ranks, assists United Nations to realize 17 global development goals in 2030 as soon as possible.