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The biggest and most beautiful sound is the sound of silence, the biggest love without trace
In November 2017, Guizhou Province has gradually entered the cold winter.Following the footsteps of the cold winter, Mr. William Deng, Chairman of Kingdom Healthcare (hereinafter referred to as Kingdom Healthcare ), Chairman and Member of the China Mountain Schooling (Hong Kong) Concern Fund, and from Malaysia, Hong Kong The head of the charity organization in Foshan city, jointly visited the mountains area of Guizhou province to make this winter more warm.

In Guizhou Province, it is said that “there is a place where there is sunny weather on three days, and there is no flat land with in three kilometers”. Compared to other areas, the natural and geographical environment here is not ideal. Mr. Tang and the Children of Mountain Schools in China (Hong Kong) established a foundation team and always pay attention to the education in Guizhou province.In 2013 and 2014, the “Kingdom Healthcare intentions peer financial aid program” and “Mr.William Deng scholarship” were established, and a series of financial aids were provided to Guizhou mountain areas primary schools.

Compared with 5 years ago, although the education environment in some schools in Guizhou has improved, but for Guizhou education, it also requires external continuous attention and support.From November 20th to 23rd, Mr. William Deng and Chinese mountain children in school (Hongkong) paid attention to the fund team, jointly provided financial assistance and material to many schools, including Guizhou Jiaowu Jiaolian Primary School, Qiao Sang Elementary School, Leishan County First Middle School, Yemeng Mengyuan Elementary School, Wangfeng Elementary School and Yangkasiyuan Elementary School, and exchanged ideas with local teachers and students.When the materials were received, the students' eyes were filled with hope and excitement.

Chairman Mao once said: "It is not difficult to do something good. It is difficult to do good things in a lifetime."Mr. William Deng, chairman of Kingdom Healthcare, has been injecting full energy into the education of mountainous areas with low-key and real actions.The biggest and most beautiful sound is the sound of silence, the biggest love without trace.Kingdom Healthcare will also adhere to the core values of “Common Prosperity” and truly contribute to the “Corporate Social Responsibility”!We hope that our little contribution will make the world a better place.
The chairman said:

A group of lively, eager and enthusiastic students from the remote poverty-stricken mountainous areas in southeastern Guizhou province encouraged me to once again embark on a rough road.Jiang wu Jiaolu Jiaolian Primary School, Qiaosang Primary School, Leishan County First Middle School, Yemengsiyuan Elementary School, Wangfeng Elementary School, and Yankasiyuan Elementary School , all are in our charity visit plan. All of  students in theses schools are delighted with our scholarships and books.I cherish every exchange with the principal and the teacher, delight to helping in improve the safe school environment, after understanding the student's dietary standards, to create good basic conditions for morality, intelligence, body, group, and beauty.I believe that with the support of teachers and students, the talented students in the future will be more aggressive and will become useful “wood”!

The appearance of Guizhou topography

The appearance of Guizhou topography

Book donation to Yemengsiyuan Elementary School,Students who are looking forward to new books

Qiao Sang Elementary School, the appearance of the building funded by Kingdom Healthcare five years ago

Cute students in Wangfeng primary school 

Send candy to Gaowu Jiaolian Primary School

Taking a group photo in Yangkasiyuan Primary School

Taking a group photo in Leishan County No.1 Middle School