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Kingdom Healthcare with you run for fun , healthy life is number one!
In November, the cold wind blowing,Kingdom Healthcare athletes are enthusiastic.On the 24th, Kingdom Healthcare small partners formed a "100-member group" to challenge the "Foshan city 5th Anniversary City Music Run". This year,Kingdom Healthcare has been participating in running for the fourth consecutive year.
As the main co-organizer of the run for fun campaign, Kingdom Healthcare has always upheld the core values of respecting talents, not only focusing on the professional development of its partners, but also focusing on the healthy life of its partners.To this end, Kingdom Healthcare vigorously supported and organized Kingdom Healthcare employees to actively participate in the run for fun activities for finding happiness, health and friendship, and provided love funds and product sponsorship for the run for fun event!
During the fun run, there are fun and laughter, everyone is happy!In addition to running, there are many games to play together!In the end, the passionate performance of the athletes of Kingdom Healthcare made our team stand out among many well-known companies and won the "five star team award"!

Kingdom Healthcare will always keep the concept of health and vitality, to create a better corporate culture for our employees, and spread our happiness, health, and friendship.Kingdom Healthcare with you run for fun , healthy life is number one!