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In the golden fall of september, we did not forget our hometown

In the golden fall of September, we did not forget our hometown
——Mr .William Deng Chairman of Kingdom Healthcare, fully supports the construction of Danzao Education
Birthplace is a poem that can't be finished.Hometown is a story of endless reading. Return home and making every effort to build hometowns is a mission that generation after generation of entrepreneurs have never forgotten.Mr.William Deng, the chairman of Kingdom Healthcare . (hereinafter referred to as Mr.William Deng), used this practical action to explain this mission.
On September 8th, the day of the Teachers' Day.Danzao Town's “Attendance for Education” was held to celebrate the 2017 Teacher's Day Conference held in the town government.At the meeting, the Danzao town government summarized the achievements of the Daze town education in the past year and praised the teachers and students who had achieved excellent results.
It is learned that,the education of Danzao town has achieved remarkable results today. It is inevitably linked with the leadership of the superior and the support of all sectors of the community. Danzao education continues to receive attention from all walks of life.As a member of Danzao town, Mr.William Deng knows that education requires a lot of energy and resources in order to promote its development more effectively.Therefore, Mr.William Deng donated funds in the name of an individual to establish the "Mr.William Deng Education Fund" and fully supported the construction of the Danzao education.
Adhering to the core values of "Common Prosperity", Mr.William Deng uses his actual actions to interpret the company's core values.Our company will continue to strive for development and contribute to the development of society! Here, I wish the education of Danzao Town can become better and better, and create outstanding achievements!