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Free 2017 new cotton sanitary napkin grand launches,creating a new era of female care products

Recently, three types of pure cotton sanitary napkins of the Free brand were launched on the market and landed on major e-commerce platforms. Once sold, they attracted the attention of female consumers.Some experts think that the launch of the Free new cotton sanitary napkins is a powerful supplement to the existing women's personal care products market and promotes the era of refined, high-end women's personal care products market.

For a long time, Free is committed to creating natural, pure cotton, high-quality personal care products.Cotton series products have become an important strength for Free to occupy the consumer market. Among them, the Q13, Q14 and Q51 products that were launched in 2016 were sold to consumers by selling the unique features such as "100% pure sunlight cotton imported form Americas" and "born to be comfortable".These three series of products have won the praise of the vast number of consumers.Otherwise, by taking its advantage of stringent details control and carefully selected raw materials, Free has been successful in harvesting a large group of teenage girls fans.

In 2017, Free will continue to work harder, based on the advantage of "born to have pure cotton",we will accurately solve the pain problems of the "lightweight and breathable" and "side leakage"of the young people, to launch three type of new cotton sanitary napkins.The new design products include the 0.08cm Q17 thinnest sanitary already lunched on the market.This product is based on the girl's physiological curve design, has a super-wide fan tail Q35.This product is also the longest 420mm Q89 on the market. 

After some understanding, Free always strives for excellence in product quality control.In terms of material selection, Free chose long-staple cotton which is under long-day sunshine at 37 degrees from north latitude,and the to picked when the leaves were withered.In order to prevent human intervention, the first is lightly processed without addition, which can effectively restore the natural comfort. In terms of technical, Free selects advanced technologies and imported materials. In addition to leak-proof partitions, hydrophobic wings and breathable membranes, it also uses the Quic Dry rapid penetration system, combine with U.S. absorbent wool and Japanese absorbent beads to build Free pure cotton towel of good quality.

The new launch of Free cotton sanitary napkins is based on accurate market insights and consumer preferences.According to some statistics, sanitary napkins have a penetration rate of 91.5% in China and have a very large consumer group.Under the influence of transformation and upgrading of consumption, women’s overall spending power and quality of life have improved, and women’s consumption demand for sanitary napkins in terms of functionality, comfort, safety, and health continues to increase.The launch of Free new cotton sanitary napkins is in line with the diversified consumer needs of consumers.
"Free hopes to bring high-end quality and comfort to women, and bring a more comfortable and intimate experience, and help women to liberate themselves from the physical constraints."Free brand official said that as a domestic sanitary napkin brand, Free has always been on the road to make perfection more perfect, keep pace with the times, and careful work attitude.In the future, Free will meet consumer expectations and continue to introduce more quality products to better protect the health of women.