Corporate Responsibility


Let me tell you a story

Twenty-two years ago, two like-minded partners founded a company together. The company's mission is "we strive to provide quality, pleasant and healthy care products to customers so as to improve people's quality of life constantly" and "mutual prosperity" as its core value.

Four years later, with the development of the company, and the partners began the journey of "mutual prosperity", hoping to actively fulfill corporate social responsibility while creating wealth. And this journey has entered into the 18th year.

On January 15, 2020, Mr. William Deng, General Manager of Kingdom Healthcare and Mr. Deng Jinming, Deputy General Manager came to Danzao Home for the Elderly again, bringing many old friends warmth for a happy and lovely new year!

Mr. William Deng sends new year wishes to grandpas and grandmas.

Mr. Deng Jinming sends new year wishes to grandpas and grandmas.

Kingdom Healthcare sends supports to people who are in need every year. The story about Kingdom Healthcare's  "mutual prosperity"  will also be continued, and we hope that our fulfillment of social responsibility can help the disadvantaged groups in society and make the world more loving!