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WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare Reached a Strategic Cooperation to Explore the Best Strategy for Digital Sales of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Brands

On June 24, WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in commodity distribution channels, product routes, consumer experience and digital applications based on the digital ecological capabilities of WeChat Pay, took improving offline operating efficiency, optimizing the consumer experience and promoting sales growth as the common goal, and explored the best strategy for universal digital sales of categories related to women in WeChat Pay.

William Deng, General Manager of Kingdom Healthcare, said that through the strategic cooperation with WeChat Pay platform, Kingdom Healthcare would unite WeChat Pay and retailers to achieve on-line and offline discount collection and cancellation after verification based on WeChat Pay and applets and create a universal marketing closed loop, which could better improve overall value chain efficiency.

Lei Maofeng, Deputy General Manager of WeChat Pay Operation Center, said that with the deep coverage of WeChat offline retailers, there were increasingly diverse help for brands. With the advantage of Kingdom Healthcare in the field of women care, combined with ability of WeChat Pay ecology, the brands would be aided to land in many fields such as sinking channels and school scenes.

According to the plan, Kingdom Healthcare will use the existing and subsequently launched new marketing ability of WeChat Pay to allocate the promotion budget into various industrial state scenes based on Kingdom Healthcare's current commodity circulation coverage and in combination with WeChat Pay ecological capacity and flow support, stimulate the growth potential of different industrial states, and fully contribute to Kingdom Healthcare's universal business growth.In the meanwhile, based on Kingdom Healthcare's annual business goals and promotional budgets, more channels will be explored to reach consumers and the attributes of different groups of the brands will be differentiated: based on the differentiated solutions for white collar, backbone, elite and student groups, consumers’ recognition of the brands will be enhanced. Through the consumer paths and shopping scenes, solutions for different links are designed based on online brand applet mall and offline stores to optimize user experience and increase sales.

Combined with the membership system accumulated by Kingdom Healthcare, with big data support ability of WeChat Pay, it will move towards all-round digitalization of smart retail. Multi-scene promotion and coupon distribution are linked and platform ability is used to land multi-scene coupons to achieve brand merchandise promotion penetration in different merchants, different payment scenes and different cross-industries. Kingdom Healthcare will also pilot smart recommendation and portrait application on the basis of WeChat Pay ecology consumer links and traffic boosts, and improve the efficient conversion of consumers.The cooperation between WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare will promote Kingdom Healthcare's transformation in retail industrial states. Under the model of open and shared smart retail, the two sides will carry out comprehensive insight, exploration and pilot digital practice, help Kingdom Healthcare optimize product path, improve retail chain operation efficiency and brand image, and accumulate good corporate reputation. The cooperation between the two sides will also provide consumers with more valuable products and a smarter, more efficient and more convenient consumption experience.

As one of the high quality brands in China's personal health care field, Kingdom Healthcare has always adhered to the development orientation of being a professional, healthy and hygienic personal care brands since its establishment in 1998. At present, various brands dominant by ABC have occupied an important position in the market. With the iterative upgrade of consumption patterns, Kingdom Healthcare is willing to further promote brand sales by leveraging WeChat Pay product ability.In the future, based on their respective performance advantages, WeChat Pay and Kingdom Healthcare will link the cultural consumer market, land smart cashier, purchase by scanning code, face payment and other multi-field sales scenes, conduct in-depth exploration and innovation in the fast moving consumer goods brand field, and create an industry benchmark and strategic blueprint for smart retail and digital marketing.

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