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Together with Three "Champion Goddesses", ABC Helps Women Live Healthy and Beautiful Lives

Recently, together with the three "champion goddesses" Liu Xuan, Wu Minxia and Wei Qiuyue, ABC has jointly called on women to develop good living habits through scientific methods, so as to maintain menstrual periods and live a healthy and beautiful life.

As people pay more attention to women's physical and mental health and quality of life, topics related to women's menstrual health have gradually become the topic of focus on various social platforms to the end. After profound insights into the needs of women, ABC teamed up with three "champion goddesses" to pass on the concept of "health formula" to modern women to help women's physical health and enable women to live a smart life during their menstrual period.

Deep consumer insight,champion goddess as beauty role model

The national team kicked off its international campaign on July 23, gaining national attention with its outstanding performance. ABC invited Liu Xuan, Wu Minxia and Wei Qiuyue to "Show up and talk about beauty". As the "Queen of Gymnastics", Liu Xuan continued to challenge herself after retiring, and with a healthy body and mind, she "crossed boundaries" to challenge many roles such as actors, singers, entrepreneurs, etc. From "diving queen" to "fashion queen", Wu Minxia fully displayed the athletes own line beauty and power sense. The "new attitude" of "health and beauty" was displayed incisively and vividly by her, and she became the favorite of each major fashion magazine. As the former captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Wei Qiuyue is not only skilled, but also shows the confidence and natural glow unique to female athletes, making her a fan favorite "Goddess of the Moon".

In different life course, the three goddesses have brilliant performance, blooming dazzling light. ABC has been deeply engaged in this industry for many years, and after having a keen insight into the needs of female groups, it directly delivered the pain point of "female beauty" with empathy, thus arousing the onlookers and discussions of female students. Through this brand marketing, we hope that girls can be fearless and secular, be brave to be themselves, and become "chic heroines during menstruation". The Weibo topic of the same name has read more than 500 million.

With the strength of "healthy formula", the products help women's physical health

In the whole process of marketing and communication activities, the content was released on weibo, wechat video number, Tik Tok, Xiaohongshu and other platforms, while the multi-type KOL, such as sports, emotion and science popularization, voiced their voices together. In order to radiate the fans, to strongly promote the "health beauty secret" of the three goddesses, constantly expand the volume of the brand, occupy the user's mind.

The reason why the goddesses have excellent temperament and elegant demeanor is that, in addition to adhering to scientific exercise habits all the year round and paying attention to good daily life and rest, more importantly, they will turn the menstrual period into a "maintenance period" and choose products suitable for their own to do a good job of menstrual health care.

ABC Hanfang pure cotton series products, recommended by Liu Xuan, contain the essence of five Hanfang plants. Its natural health can nourish menstrual period and care for menstrual girls who are irritated and irritated during menstrual period. ABC upgraded light and thin series, Wu Minxia's "magic weapon", including KMS healthy formula, brings consumers a cool and comfortable product experience, away from the hot and sticky days in the summer. ABC tea tree essence series products, shared by Wei Qiuyue, can effectively inhibit bacteria and remove taste, which is a "powerful weapon" for girls to exercise freely and keep happy in their menstrual period.

All three goddesses shared tangible and useful products. They not only shared their menstrual maintenance experience based on their own experience, but also recommended corresponding care products for different needs of menstruation, which successfully attracted beauty and health-conscious girls, realizing a marketing loop from recommendation to purchase, and realizing a two-way win-win situation of deepening product awareness and improving product sales.

ABC focuses on the topic of "female beauty", uses products as the communication medium and empathy as the link to achieve efficient communication with users. At the same time, by creating "the same style of goddess", the core selling points to be interpreted by the product are infiltrated into the brand communication to continuously consolidate the professional image of "champion's choice". ABC will continue to care for every woman's health in the future, and is committed to creating healthy, high-quality and warm women's care products.