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Kingdom Healthcare Re-won 2018 China Best Employer Outstanding Employer Award

On November 22, 2018, Kingdom Healthcare won the 2018 China Best Employer Outstanding Employer Award again. The award competition was hosted by Taihe Consultants. With relevant government agencies, industry associations, and mainstream media, they formed a jury to select the best employers among many companies. This selection used the most specialized data analysis, broke through the enterprise scale restriction, which is an employer brand activity with the broadest audience, the greatest influence, and the fairest results throughout China.

Ms. Jessica Wang, the Manager of North China Region of Kingdom Healthcare the award ceremony

Picture of awarded enterprise representatives

We, Kingdom Healthcare, won this honor again because we have always believed that a successful enterprise is based on the following two elements: unique and excellent products, and the second is excellent and dedicated employees. We have always embraced talents with an open, inclusive and positive enterprise culture. We also explored a diversified and innovative talent training and development system to ensure a comprehensive plan to care for talents and promote the enterprise development!

The profile of Kingdom Healthcare at the award ceremony

In the future, we will continue to outdo and to keep the spirit of "breaking through and challenging", embrace and warm each employee with an open mind, thus to jointly experience the warmth and beauty of lives with our employees!